Our mission

Transparency – to significantly increase the transparency of the publishing process, by having a policy of openness and honesty about what we do, how we do it, who does it, and how the whole thing is paid for. This will help us ensure that authors, editors, designers, publicists and others involved in each project are properly compensated and credited for their contributions.

Diversity – by empowering a wide range of editors from as many different backgrounds and communities as we possibly can, we will publish books that reflect those same communities, especially those whose access to mainstream publishing has been historically lacking. We believe the need to hear from a wider range of voices has never been more urgent. To amplify these voices, we will be working with Newcastle-based sales and marketing agency Inpress to promote our books nationally and worldwide.

Opportunity – as well as providing opportunities for authors and editors based anywhere in the world, we will contribute to the decentralisation of the UK publishing industry by building a new, fast-growing publishing organisation in the North of England which can provide local talent with an entry point to the industry.

Our first title

Motherborn by Nada Holland
(published February 2021)

In response to catastrophes of climate change, droughts, tsunamis and pandemics: a feminist reimagining of the power of evolutionary algorithm to sustain and nurture. Motherborn marries 70’s Mysticism with ground-breaking computational insights into emergence and change to explore how activism begins in being Motherborn.

More soon!

How to get involved

Authors – if you have a manuscript you'd like to see published, and are willing to take a chance on an exciting new imprint, please write to hello@lendalpress.com introducing yourself and your project, and attaching either all or part of your book (as you prefer).

Also, let us know whether you would like to be considered for "hybrid" publishing (where the author contributes half of an agreed budget, and receives a high royalty) or "traditional" publishing, where we cover all expenses and you receive standard royalty payments. (We are currently aiming to offer one traditional publication for every two hybrid titles.)

Readers (including bloggers and booksellers) – we'd love you to sign up to our email newsletter via the box above, and follow us on Twitter @lendalpress. We'll be sharing details of our first titles as they start coming together, and there will be chances to support our work by spreading the word, accessing proof copies and other treats.

We look forward to hearing from you all!

Who we are

Lendal Press was the brainchild of Jamie McGarry and Paige Henderson, who – after first meeting in York in December 2019 – agreed the world needed more "boldly literary but beautifully plainspoken" publishing, and that the industry needed to do more to reach across boundaries of class, race and region.

Jamie founded independent publisher Valley Press in 2008, whilst studying English Literature and working as a bookseller in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. The past ten years have seen Valley grow into a major force in Northern publishing, and Jamie grow increasingly keen to give more editors and authors a chance to shape the face of UK literature. He will be overseeing the early days of Lendal Press as Publishing Director.

Paige graduated from the University of York in 2019 after studying 'English and Related Literature', and already has a range of experience in the publishing industry, "working out why book-ish audiences do what they do". Thanks to funding from University of York and Santander, Paige is the first full-time employee of Lendal Press, starting as Publishing Coordinator in June 2020.

The word 'Lendal' comes from Lendal Bridge in York, a beautiful landmark which has a bit of history with Valley Bridge in Scarborough. Lendal Press will start its life as an imprint of Valley Press, to take advantage of VP's existing infrastructure – but in time we intend for Lendal to become its own independent publishing house, based in York, to make the most of the thriving cultural and literary scene there (and the wealth of publishing talent and enthusiasm amongst the local students).

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Bridge logo by Ben Hardaker
Photograph by Janko Ferlič